Cornerstone Baptist Church
"It came to pass...that the brook dried up."

1 Kings 17:7

The education of our faith is incomplete if we have not learned that there is a providence of loss, a ministry of failing and fading things, a gift of emptiness. The insecurities of life make for its spiritual establishment, grounding our faith and trust. The dwindling stream by which Elijah sat and mused in 1 Kings is a true picture of the life of each of us. "It came to pass...that the brook dried up." That is the history of our yesterday, and a prophecy of our tomorrows; that is life on this earth.

We need to learn the difference between trusting in the gift (the temporary treasures entrusted to us while on earth) and trusting the 'Giver.' The gift may be good for a while, but nothing earthly lasts forever. The Creator, the Great I Am, our Lord and Master is the giver of unconditional love and eternal life.

In 1st Kings 17 we are told about a place called Cherith. It posed a difficult problem to Elijah's faith and his ability to carry on, until he got to Zarephath. It was then and there everything became as clear as daylight. He learned that faith and trust is perfected by fire.

The seemingly 'hard' words and difficult paths of our Adonai, Jehovah God are never the last words. The woe, and the perplexities, and the tears of life are the temporary and belong to the interlude, the perfecting of our faith not to the finale. We will only fully understand the big picture when we get to Heaven.

Had Elijah been lead straight to Zarephath he would have missed something that helped to make him a wiser prophet. He had to live by faith at Cherith. "And whensoever in your life and mine, some spring of earthly and outward resource has dried up, it has been that we might learn that our everlasting hope and help are in God who made Heaven and earth. ~ F. B Meyer. ~

"...because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." (James 1:3-4)

The only thing in this life that is for sure is that things will change! To be at peace, we have to change with them. It is amazing how we are able to adjust once we are willing. I have witnessed those who have carried on in their faith, those who stepped in and boldly pushed forward when great difficulties threatened their family and their life. Trusting in God, they were able to adjust to difficult losses, questions, doubts and fears as a normal part of the healing process.

Finding renewed strength for each day is emotionally draining and can cause us to second guess ourselves. Remember it is okay to take a break when you're tired, to hide out for a while when you get "peopled out," to get off of the roller coaster and just be a spectator if you need to. It will get better!

Remind yourself that you're not alone. Trust yourself knowing how far you have already come and what you have already achieved. As wise, nurturing, compassionate, and gifted people, we are often the one appointed and the one being passed the baton, so to speak, from someone who has gone on before us. Talk about a worthy personal mission statement or life purpose; nothing tops being appointed to take the responsibility of being the trusted leader of the legacy for future generations. Like Elijah, you may have been recognized as the wise prophet grounded in faith and trust who will teach others to carry on when the "brook dries up."

by Jane Barrick